Target’s “Thanks a Billion” Giveaway.


If you use social media at all now is the perfect time to put it to good use!  Thank a teacher and Target will give their (our) school $25!!!!  They aren’t stopping until they have given away $5 MILLION to education. Each school can earn up to $25,000.  It takes just a minute, doesn’t have to be long and just uses your FB account.  You can find the full details on the Target website, or if you are ready to submit your thank you go to the Thanks a Billion site! PLEASE past this on to your friends, every message counts!  This goes until June 15th or when ever the full $5 millon has been reached.  The school it self will received the check directly this summer (this does not go to SWEPTA, but we are happy to support and promote it!

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Kymy has 3 kids currently at SWES and 2 more at home. She has been the Fundraising Chair in 2012-2014 school years and is currently the 2014-2015 SWEPTA Vice President.

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