What is SWEPTA?
SWEPTA is short for South Whidbey Elementary Parent Teacher Association.  We are the PTA for South Whidbey Elementary School in Langley, WA.
What is PTA?
PTA is a grassroots organization made up of parents, teachers and others around the
states that have a special interest in children, families and schools. PTA membership is as
diverse as Washington State is in cultures, education levels, and parenting skills. By
joining a PTA, a member automatically becomes part of the largest child-advocacy
organization in the state—over 150,000 strong across Washington.
What does PTA do?
PTAs work for children. PTAs meet together, study problems, support teachers, volunteer
in school, attend workshops on parenting and become informed on issues regarding
children and youth. As a result, PTA members become better parents, teachers and
How is PTA structured?
Most local unit PTAs meet at a school campus. Groups of local unit PTAs often join
together to form councils. Above councils, there are 13 Region Directors whom have a
Service Delivery Team that represents individuals across their Region and a Washington
State PTA Board of Directors made up of volunteers. The WSPTA Board consists of all
13 Region Directors, President, Vice President, Finance Officer, Secretary, an Executive
Committee At-Large Member, a Leadership Director, Legislative Director, Membership
Director and a Program Director. Washington State PTA also has a professional office
staff in Tacoma that supports the work of the association.
When was PTA formed?
February 17, 1897 in Washington D.C. two thousand women and a few men met to
discuss the nation’s future and the need for all caring adults to mobilize and to act on
behalf of children. Thus, the National PTA was formed, soon followed by the
Washington State PTA in 1905.